Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Musical oldies and newbies

I recently sprung (via an Amazon affiliated seller with a good price) for the 3-disk expanded reissue of "The Kinks Are the Village Green Preservation Society," released in 1968 and long since renowned as the Kinks' best album notwithstanding its initially being a flop. I had resisted this record for a long time, and then bought only the basic disk, on the view that nostalgia about meat pies and apothecaries isn't really my thing. But apart from its musical merits, which are very strong in the mid to late 60s hard-driving folk-rock vein, it's really not an exercise in insular English nostalgia as most accounts would have it, but rather a portrait of nostalgia's failure to make the narrator (Ray Davies) feel any less miserable. This certainly makes it more interesting than it would otherwise be, and the reissue has about a full CD's worth of good additional material that was not otherwise widely available.

On a more contemporary note, I'm seeking more information about whether Blonde Redhead's newly released "23" is worthwhile.

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