Monday, July 02, 2007

The Libby pardon

A clear obstruction of justice and act of monstrous if utterly unsurprising hypocrisy. I believe it is literally impossible to support this act unless you do not believe in the rule of law. Then again, that covers about 80 percent of the D.C. policy elite, such as the pathetic David Brooks, who has already fired up a yes-sir column.


Winters said...

The decision to commute the sentence is so outrageous, it's almost beyond my comprehension. The law-and-order Party continues to demonstrate its hypocracy. Beyond the fact that the President violated internal DOJ guidelines to grant the commutation, the one telling fact is that he could have allowed Libby to serve SOME time, and then commute the sentence after that time -- but why the early commutation? Would Libby have rolled over and "remembered" some of those key conversations that he couldn't remember whem testifying before the Grand Jury? It's not a conspiracy -- perps roll over all the time, virtually every day, in cases prosecuted by US Attorneys' offices around the country.


ADR said...

Dan - please - stick to tax policy; you sound like you're foaming at the mouth when you talk law and politics (and it WASN'T a pardon).