Friday, October 03, 2008

IRS Chief Counsel Donald Korb steps down

Courtesy of the Tax Prof blog, I gather that IRS Chief Counsel Don Korb has stepped down effective no later than next January 19, so that the next Administration can start right out with his successor.

This is not a surprise, since no one would be expected to want to stay in the Chief Counsel job forever. But I personally will be quite surprised if the new Chief Counsel is ready to be named by January 20. So I suspect that Korb will be asked, perhaps even implored, to stay on, although presumably from his announcement he does not wish to do so.

Suffice it to say that he is leaving large shoes to fill. Don Korb was amazingly energetic, entrepeneurial, and effective in filling the Chief Counsel post. He did a great deal to raise his office's profile and value, both to the government and to taxpayers. He innovated internally and externally, worked hard to strengthen his staff, and provided important outreach and guidance that was good for everyone. The next Administration will be very lucky to find anyone who can match his job performance.

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