Thursday, February 26, 2009

Upcoming D.C. panel on "Decoding the Corporate Tax"

Here is a link for a forthcoming event in Washington, D.C., at the Urban Institute (2100 M Street) on Wednesday, March 11, from 9:00 to 10:30 am, discussing my new book on corporate taxation.

Official description of the event is as follows:

Significant reform of the U.S. tax system must include changes in the complex and inefficient way we tax corporations. What direction should reform take? Many have embraced the idea of integrating the corporate and individual tax. But in his forthcoming Urban Institute Press book, Decoding the U.S. Corporate Tax, Daniel Shaviro argues that there are more promising directions for 21st century corporate tax reform. He considers significantly lowering the corporate rate, embracing international tax simplification, and requiring partial conformity between tax accounting and financial income. Panelists will debate these provocative ideas in a lively discussion of Shaviro’s prescriptions for corporate tax reform.
• Rosanne Altshuler, Senior Fellow, Urban Institute and codirector of the Urban-Brookings Tax Policy Center
• Daniel Halperin, Stanley S. Surrey Professor of Law, Harvard Law School and Urban-Brookings Tax Policy Center (visiting)
• Gregory Ip, U.S. economics editor, The Economist, (moderator)
• John Samuels, General Electric, Vice President and Senior Counsel for Tax Policy
• Daniel Shaviro, Wayne Perry Professor of Taxation, New York University School of Law

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