Saturday, October 23, 2010

Ding dong, the wicked witch is dead

When the Yanks finally get eliminated in a given year, I feel more relief than enjoyment. It makes the rest of the post-season more relaxing and fun, but I still can't forget the astonishing terms of MLB "competition" these days.

Okay, they lost to the Rangers despite having used their vast financial superiority to take away the Rangers' best two pre-Hamilton hitters (A-Rod and Teixeira). For next year, they will take the Rangers' best pitcher (Lee). Plus, the two winningest teams in the rest of MLB will each lose its best outfielder, and the Yanks will get to decide which of those two (Crawford or Werth) they prefer.

So it's a bit like knowing that Sauron has been defeated, but that his spirit will re-form shortly and be stronger than ever. Plus, via the free agent draft he's going to add Aragorn along with his pick of Legolas or Gimli.

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