Thursday, November 04, 2010

Wascally wabbit

Buddy, shown here dipping a toe in the waters of the dining room table (so to speak) because there was meat nearby (albeit heavily guarded), always reminds me of Wile E. Coyote in the intensity of his passion for more food. But unlike Wile E. slinking away each time, he never gets discouraged.

Alone among our cats, he continually brings to mind cartoon characters, whence the title of this post, reflecting the thought that Elmer Fudd definitely would not have liked him.

Handsome fellow, though, and very sweet-tempered when not moved by the ache of his hunger (since we have him on a diet by vet's orders) to swat at or jump on our other cats.

The reason for the collar & tag is that he's capable of escaping out the door and jumping over a fence, in about 2 seconds flat, if he happens to be baited by the sight of another cat or a squirrel.

An older family member recently asked me: "Doesn't he know you don't want him jumping on the table and the counter tops?"

Of course he knows, I replied. He just happens not to agree.

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