Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Has Romney gotten away with not releasing any pre-2010 tax returns?

It certainly appears that way, although the 2009 return, unlike the one he recently released for 2011, had a decent chance of being very interesting (for example, no net capital gain, hence adjusted gross income was probably below $1 million - not to mention, the chance of a Swiss bank account-related amnesty).

I guess it goes to show that sometimes, if you keep on stonewalling long enough, the press just gets bored and it works.

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Audio Investigator said...

According to Greg Palast, in 2009 Ann Romney cashed a check for between $15 and $115 million related to offshoring the Delphi auto parts factories, all but one being shut down. Obama admin had plan to save half of them, but a Romney friend managed to acquire Delphi despite their efforts. Delphi only had money because of GM being able to pay after the bailout, which Mitt was simulatenously denouncing, but once GM had the money, the Romney's made sure Delphi got it's piece for them to take. Romney's kids have interesting deals going also, see The Nation for November.