Monday, November 05, 2012

Long a favorite quick Monday read, the Ironic Times shows (like Jon Stewart, Stephen Colbert, the Onion, etc.) that these days satire can get deeper into the truth than straight reporting.

Some examples from today's issue:

CANDIDATES MAKE LAST PUSH IN FINAL DAYS OF CAMPAIGN - Obama urges his supporters to get out and vote; Romney urges his supporters to get out and stop them.

Most Foreign Countries Want Obama to Win - Only Switzerland, the Bahamas and the Cayman Islands rooting for Romney.

Bush's FEMA Director, Michael Brown, Criticizes Obama for Responding to Sandy Too Quickly - Should have waited until people were drowning in the streets.

Republicans Kill Nonpartisan Congressional Report on Benefit of Tax Cuts for Rich - As a result we'll never know whether giving millionaires huge tax cuts helps the rest of us.

Fact-Checkers Chastise Both Sides in Final Days - Romney claim Chrysler, GM sending jobs to China deemed false; Obama claim oldest daughter now 5' 9" deemed off by 1/4".

Report: Apple Paying Less Than 2% in Taxes on Foreign Earnings - But what taxes they do pay considerably more elegant, sleek and desirable than those of their competitors.

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