Thursday, January 03, 2013

National Tax Association - 2013 Annual Meeting

From November 21-23, 2013, which is a Thursday through Saturday the week before Thanksgiving, the National Tax Association will be holding its 106th Annual Conference on Taxation, at the Grand Hyatt in Tampa Bay, Florida.  The official call for papers will be up on the NTA website soon, but for now you can find a mention of the conference here.

As it happens, this year I will be co-chairing the program committee for the conference, along with Tracy Gordon of the Brookings Institution.

We will be eager for input, in the form of paper submissions and panel proposals, and also are hoping to get the benefit of a strong program committee.  Again, the official solicitation will be posted soon.

More on this in due course, but I thought I'd get the initial word out now.  One obvious goal I'll have is to reach out to people in the legal community (both academics and practice), who have always had a significant presence at the NTA (especially in recent years), but perhaps at times less so than economists and government people.  As you can see here, a central point and function of the NTA is "bringing together government, corporate, academic, and independent tax professionals–a rich mix of federal and state legislators and administrators; taxpayer representatives; tax lawyers and accountants; professors, librarians, and other scholars; students and interested citizens."


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