Saturday, April 13, 2013

Wire, "Change Becomes Us"

Wire is a cerebral art-rock-punk band that arose in England in the late 1970s and put out three great albums of constantly changing, usually high-tempo yet melodic, reflective, and off-kilter albums (Pink Flag, Chairs Missing, 154).  They then spent the next few decades periodically disappearing and reinventing themselves, including in a very 1980s electronica phase that I never quite got into (although perhaps it deserves a shot). 

They've been active again in recent years, somewhat closer to their original guitar-and-drums-based style though without trying to copy themselves.  But their latest, Change Becomes Us, is an interesting meld because it consists of songs they wrote at the end of the early period but had never recorded properly.  Peaceful, very characteristic of their old songwriting style, beautiful in a slightly harsh or stark way, and highly recommended.

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