Friday, February 07, 2014

New short article published

Last summer, the Hebrew University in Jerusalem conducted a book symposium on my (as of now) recently published book, Fixing U.S. International Taxation.  The people commenting on the book were Stephen Shay of Harvard Law School, Yariv Brauner of the University of Florida Law School, and Fadi Shaheen of Rutgers-Newark Law School.  I offered a brief response to their comments, and their papers plus my response have now appeared on-line courtesy of the Jerusalem Review of Legal Studies, which is publishing them in its first 2014 issue.

My response is available on-line here.  At least, I think it's available. Readers may find (and if so, can let me know) that they need an Oxford / JRLS subscription to open the link.

I would be happy also to offer links to the three comments, but here I'm pretty sure that a subscription is indeed needed to read them.  The page that one would go to, in order to access them, is here.

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