Monday, February 09, 2015

Comments on Eugene Steuerle's new book

Today Eugene Steuerle came to the law school for a discussion of his new book, Dead Men Ruling: How to Restore Fiscal Freedom and Rescue Our Future.  I was the designated commentator.

As a long-time admirer of Steuerle, from his work on 1986 tax reform through his writings over the last few decades, I was delighted to see him, and to get to discuss his book.  I am in considerable agreement with his analysis, but more regarding what I called the "treatment" than the "diagnosis."  That is, while we have large areas of agreement regarding how the current path of taxes and spending should change, I didn't view the issue that he calls "fiscal democracy" (relating to the default path of federal taxes and spending from laws on the books) as being as important as defects in our substantive politics.

A pdf version of my Powerpoint slides is available here.

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