Wednesday, May 06, 2015

Off to London, or should I say on to London

Having just finished the NYU Tax Policy Colloquium, Year 20 - classes and grading both (although I have no technical means of officially posting the grades yet) - I am off to London tonight.  On Friday and Saturday, I will be attending the Third Annual Bentham House Conference, at the UCL Faculty of Laws (which is part of the University College of London).  This year's conference title is "The Philosophical Foundations of Tax Law."  Basic info about the conference is available here, and the conference program is here.  The papers themselves are only for log-in by participants and attendees.

During a panel that meets on Saturday starting at 10 am, London time, I will be presenting "The Mapmaker's Dilemma in Evaluating High-End Inequality," extracted from chapter 2 of my book-in-progress, "Enviers, Rentiers, Arrivistes, and the Point-One Percent: What Literature Can Tell Us About High-End Inequality."  This paper or chapter mainly presents a large part of the argument as to why the standard public economics and broader social science literatures can't do as much as one might have liked towards helping one to evaluate the normative ramifications of high-end inequality.  Later parts of chapter 2, not yet written but probably not belonging in the stand-alone paper anyway, will address why literature might be of interest here, and what I hope to accomplish via all of the later planned chapters discussing particular works.

While I'm not as yet ready to post "Mapmaker's Dilemma" on SSRN (nor have I decided whether or not to actually, not just virtually, publish it separately), I will probably post the slides for my talk here.  Perhaps, subject to jet lag, as soon as next Monday.

I will also be presenting the paper, presumably with similar slides, at the Law and Society Conference in Seattle at the end of this month.

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