Wednesday, July 01, 2015

Back from Oxford

I've just returned from the UK, where last week I attended the 9th annual symposium at the Oxford University Centre for Business Taxation.  I gave a talk on my recently SSRN-posted paper, "The Crossroads Versus the Seesaw: Getting a 'Fix' on Recent International Tax Policy Developments."

I won't link to the paper, since I am planning to revise it, and would just as soon have prospective downloaders wait until I have posted the revision.  But the slides for my talk are available here.

After the conference was over, I enjoyed going to the Cotswolds for 3 days of hiking through the countryside.  The paths lead through woods, fields both with and without livestock, and scenic small towns.  Then I was in the charming city of Bath for a couple of days.

One highlight in Bath was getting to meet this individual, who was not actually trying to carry me away to a distant aerie for eating at his pleasure - rather, he is willing, under controlled circumstances, to accept bits of chicken from strangers.

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