Thursday, July 21, 2016

Health club blues (and glitter rock)

Ever since recurrent nagging injuries forced me off the tennis court, probably for good, I've relied on elliptical machines (plus diet) as the lead weapon in my hand-to-hand combat against the aging process (aka, very slow and orderly retreat).  The problem is that I keep having to find music to listen to while I'm plodding through my 35 minutes.  I have a 50+ year back catalog to draw on, but it has to be something I like hearing right now, that's sufficiently up-tempo, and it can't be too new to me (for a new album - and I do still think in "album" terms - I still need 2 or 3 conventional listens before it can work for me at the health club).

Today's successful re-discovery was Roxy Music's classic 1975 concept album - the Sergeant Pepper of painful romantic self-delusion - Siren.  Highly recommended if you like 1960s or 1970s rock, or for that matter Radiohead.

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