Monday, October 09, 2023

Book (including an article of mine) on Stanley Surrey

Duke Law School's Law and Contemporary Problems journal has just published a new issue, entitled The Legacy of Stanley S. Surrey, edited by Ajay Mehrotra and Lawrence Zelenak. It responds to the recent re-surfacing of Surrey's memoirs, still in progress (but mostly complete) when Surrey died in 1984, and then published (with useful annotations) through Mehrotra's and Zelenak's efforts. Surrey remains a figure of particular interest, and was certainly the most influential U.S. tax law academic ever.

The entire issue is available online here. I won't issue shout-outs for particular chapters, as that would seemingly diminish the ones I didn't list, but there are a number of particular interest.

My chapter, entitled "Moralist" Versus "Scientist": Stanley Surrey and the Public Intellectual Practice of Tax Policy, is available here.

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