Sunday, April 24, 2005

If Frank Luntz had worked for the Empire in the original Star Wars movie ...

... news reports would be referring to the "Freedom Star, which Democrats call the Death Star."
We have already seen the shenanigans whereby privatization, the longstanding Republican term for a proposed Social Security change, became overnight a verboten term, indicating anti-Republican bias on the part of anyone who used it.
We now, as Josh Marshall and friends have conclusively shown, have the term "nuclear option," invented and popularized by the Republicans, being called in the media the Democrats' term for what the Republicans supposedly call the "constitutional option."
Marshall and others focus on the stupid, supine, ignorant press's role in buckling to whatever the Republicans say, displaying less short-term memory than an advanced Alzheimer's victim. But I am curious about all the conservative cadres who, even if not holding a White House appointment, take their cues from the Luntz/Rove types every day in such a humiliatingly servile fashion. Are they completely lacking in pride and self-respect? Or is it just that war is peace and freedom is slavery?


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