Wednesday, April 20, 2005

Two links worth reading, and one that isn't

Surely the most hilarious thing I have spotted in today's web surfing, or that for many a day, is the statement by Tom DeLay that Justice Kennedy "said in session that he does his own research on the Internet? That is just incredibly outrageous."
On a soberer note, Andrew Sullivan notes of the new Pope that he "once argued that violence against homosexuals was predictable if they kept pushing for rights.... [Also, h]e proclaims his version of the truth as God-given and therefore unalterable and undebatable.... His response to dialogue within the church is to silence those who disagree with him." I can see what they mean about the newly named Benedict's being such a subtle theologian. All the more hilarious, therefore to see a New York Times op-ed in which Michael Novak, as summarized by the Times' own lead-in on its op-ed web page, claims that "[t]he new pope's first concern is liberty, in all its facets." Yes, but is he for it or against it?


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