Thursday, May 26, 2005

Musical interlude

Musical note for the likeminded: Brian Eno is releasing, on June 14, his first rock album in 25 years or so. Since I am about to head to JFK (conference in Palo Alto), I suppose his Music for Airports is what I really need, but I am bringing my own supply (have IPod & Walkman, will travel).
A strong recommendation for Belle and Sebastian's just-released Push Barman to Open Old Wounds, a collection of their last few years' singles and EP tracks, perhaps superior to any of their albums since Tigermilk. I already have all the tracks, but if you don't, then try Tigermilk followed by either If You're Feeling Sinister or this.
Also released this week were new albums by Stephen Malkmus and Sleater-Kinney, making this a pretty good week although unfortunately, in my case, not soon enough for my West Coast flight. Oh well, but at least I am still catching up on some old Captain Beefheart albums.


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