Monday, May 23, 2005

The wheels of the gods grind slowly ...

Grover Norquist professes puzzlement that his name is plastered all over the infamous Jack Abramoff's billing records. Despite the fact that they work closely together on lobbying and politics alike (to them there is no distinction) and have been close friends and associates since college, Grover insists: "He took the path I didn't take, which was to go make money as a consultant, and I decided to build A.T.R." Don't be so hard on yourself, Grovesterino - may I call you that? - I'm sure you've done fine, too.
If Grover does end up being driven undercover or even doing time, he does at least have a career in comedy to look forward to. Check out this hilarious passage from the above link:
"Earlier this month, Americans for Tax Reform sent letters to the Coushatta tribe of Louisiana and the Saginaw Chippewas of Michigan, saying there 'may be some confusion' about the reason some were invited into White House meetings in earlier years. 'Recent press reports appeared to suggest that some staff of your tribe's previous leadership thought that they were making a contribution to A.T.R. in order to be invited to a White House event,' the letter said."
I wonder how they could have gotten that silly idea?

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