Thursday, September 11, 2008

Ten good things about John McCain

I've been a bit harsh on him at times, but here are 10 GOOD things about John McCain, the best I could think of:

1) He performed up to his ability in military school.

2) He never lies when his lips aren't moving.

3) He's been right, at one time or another, about most major domestic policy issues (since he's taken both sides).

4) He creates good jobs ... for lobbyists in his campaign.

5) You try making better decisions with as little time, care, and information as he uses.

6) While his tax plans would cost $7 trillion over the next ten years, he is hoping to make back 1 percent of that amount by reforming earmarks.

7) He's willing to share his POW story with us again and again and again and again, even though he hates talking about it.

8) So far as we know, he's only gotten into a couple of physical altercations with fellow members of Congress.

9) To forgive is divine, and he just hired the guy who slimed him in South Carolina in 2000.

10) There are probably a couple of vile names that he hasn't called his wife in front of witnesses.

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