Friday, January 28, 2011

Article revisions

One certainly wants one's articles published, even though a lot of the readership derives from simply posting them on SSRN. But with the way editing and publishing take time, this means that things out of the dead past (from a writer's perspective) keep coming back and clawing at your sleeve, demanding fresh attention. Two articles that I wrote a year or more ago just came back through the transom today: The Case Against Foreign Tax Credits, which is forthcoming in the Journal of Legal Analysis, and The 2008 Financial Crisis: Implications for Income Tax Reform, which is forthcoming in an Oxford University Press volume on taxes and the financial crisis. Both should be out later this year.

Though I've included the SSRN hyperlinks, I'll probably be posting the (modestly) revised quasi-final versions shortly.

UPDATE: I've posted a revised version of The 2008 Financial Crisis, and won't need to revise the posted version of The Case Against Foreign Tax Credits.

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