Monday, February 13, 2012

Another customer review at Amazon for Getting It !!

A writer whom I met and chatted with at a vacation resort several years back (about iguanas, as it happens) has just posted on Amazon the following review of my novel, Getting It:

"Getting It by Daniel Shaviro is a compelling read! His quirky, fully developed characters span the personality continuum; no two are alike, and whether or not you LIKE them, you are drawn to them. I might even say that several will elicit compassion. I also appreciate the way Shaviro frames the plot and subplots. Shaviro's unethical, revolting main character devises a brilliant scheme to cover his oversight on a project for a potential long-term deep-pocket client. Much happens -- psychologically and actually -- in the short span of time before the Who-Will-Make-Partner meeting. Finally, while Shaviro's work is fiction, the story leaves the reader pondering the reality of the inner sanctum of some law firms. My husband and I both loved the book and could not wait to see how it ended. We also agreed that Getting It reflects Daniel Shaviro's brilliant mind. Consider...this novel could be the basis of a fascinating one-week seminar on legal ethics in law schools nationwide."

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