Friday, June 28, 2013

Book update with added commercial plug

I guess I can now say, my book Fixing U.S. International Taxation will be published by the Oxford University Press.  The anticipated publication date, at this point, is January 2014, although a sooner date, before the end of this year, is not impossible.

The book is suitable, by the way (if I may be so crass) for 2014 spring semester course adoption - for example, in (a) tax policy classes in law schools that include an international focus, (b) international tax law classes, where it might serve as recommended additional reading. and (c) courses touching on international taxation in economics departments, accounting departments, business schools, and public policy schools.

One who was thinking about it in that regard might compare it to my 2009 book, Decoding the U.S. Corporate Tax, which it greatly resembles in structure, although the big difference is that Decoding sought to explicate existing literature rather than to move things forward.  But in both cases, I have sought to combine broad accessibility and clarity with addressing issues in ways that experts would find interesting.

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