Thursday, June 06, 2013

Current activities

I am hoping my international tax book will soon be under contract with a particular publisher.  More on this when there is concrete news to report.  I received some readers' reports, which I viewed as quite favorable and also as having some helpful suggestions, and I have gone through the text making responsive changes.  Ready to go final after a symposium session discussing the book at Hebrew University Law School in Jerusalem, scheduled for June 21 (with Steve Shay, Fadi Shaheen, and Yariv Brauner as the commenters), and subject also to a final read-through.

As I will also be teaching a 10-hour course at Hebrew University on corporate tax law and policy, I depart for Israel tomorrow (Friday June 7), and will be there for two weeks.

Meanwhile, in addition to preparing for the Hebrew U. class and dealing with prehab and surgical choices for my busted knee, I have gotten back to work on a new article, tentatively called Nudges, Shoves, Bans, and Retirement Policy, that uses the Chetty et al Denmark retirement study as a jumping-off point for broader ruminations about such topics as behavioral economics, retirement policy, nudges, libertarian paternalism, and adding Social Security to the pension default vs. savings incentives debate.

I anticipate that it will be a bit more focused than my choice here of the word "ruminations" may make it sound, but I do plan to cover a fairly wide spectrum of implications rather than having a narrow focus.  Another somewhat new direction for me, albeit drawing on my writings about Social Security and retirement policy.

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