Monday, October 14, 2013

Ending of Breaking Bad vs. that of my novel, Getting It

Someone who has read my novel, Getting It, noted that I had commented somewhere that I thought the ending of Breaking Bad was a bit too neat.  But didn't I wrap up everything in Getting It as well?  And didn't characters in both, to some extent - at least, some of them and in some ways - get more either of what they wanted, and/or of what they deserved, than one might have expected?  (I am trying to avoid giving out too much info about either ending.)

But I feel my ending is more sardonic, and thus in its way (i.e., without guns, death, drugs, crime, etcetera), dare I say, darker.  Which is not to overly criticize Breaking Bad for its ending, which I enjoyed too much (especially on re-viewing) to be entirely, as opposed to say 60% or else judged against a very high standard, disappointed by it.

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