Saturday, October 19, 2013

New (or should I say old) music

"We put a lot of energy and effort into making this album.  Hard work?  Not at all.  We don't work music, we play it!  Cheers to you.  Love, Paul."

OK, I admit it.  Buoyed by Pitchfork's 7.8 rating, I (legally) downloaded the new McCartney album.  It's actually pretty good.  Energetic, fresh-sounding though very recognizable, and it truly does sound in tune with the above quote.  At age 71, he appears to have retained a lot of his basic musical talent (although of course he won't be adding to the past's very greatest high points).  He also appears to have overcome the bouts of excruciating lapses in taste that plagued him every now and then even in the Beatles years and then during most of his solo career.

In news of a less dated musical interest, I'm very much looking forward to what I believe are seats near the front at the Fiona Apple concert in NYC on Tuesday.  Hopefully she'll get through it fine and no innocent well-wishers (or others) will set her off.

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