Wednesday, October 05, 2016

NYU-UCLA Tax Policy Symposium

This Friday, I will be appearing at the Sixth Annual NYU/UCLA Tax Policy Symposium, the schedule for which you can find here.

This year's topic is "Tax Policy and Upward Mobility."  I'll be the moderator and discussant for a paper by Kim Rueben, Frank Sammartino, and Kirk Stark, entitled "Upward Mobility and State-Level EITCs: Evaluating California's Earned Income Tax Credit."

I've spent most of today preparing my slides, at the risk of putting myself a bit behind the 8-ball with regard to other upcoming responsibilities (all that TV stuff took time that I didn't entirely have, but at least I didn't accept everything that was on offer).

I'll post the slides here early next week.  I think I've found a couple of interesting things to discuss, albeit cursorily for the purposes of 10-15 minute verbal comments, and I may flesh them out a  bit later on if, as I seem to recall, I'm expected, or at least encouraged (or, short of that, at least permitted), to write them up for purposes of the Tax Law Review symposium issue that will eventually appear, containing most or all of the conference papers.

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