Saturday, October 15, 2016

Where we are as a country

People at Trump rallies are openly calling for the sexual assault accusers to be jailed - as well as for Election Day violence and voter intimidation, the murder of Hillary Clinton if she wins (they might settle for jailing her if she loses), and violent revolution if she wins. Trump has also been very clear that "unfair" reporting alone is enough to render the outcome "rigged." So absent pro-Trump advance censorship he will reject the voters' verdict.


DM Hasen said...

A question is whether "establishment" Republicans (e.g., G.W. Bush, Romney, McCain, and even more radical ones like Rubio and Cruz) will repudiate this talk. The signs are not encouraging.

Daniel Shaviro said...

Agreed, that's absolutely key. I think the question is whether they think his "base" would stand for their repudiating it. He will be working no less feverishly after 11/8 than before to keep their feet to the lunatic fire.

Benjamin said...

I, as a "horrible, deplorable, sexist, racist, privileged white" Trumpee, do think that there should be punishment for false accusations of rape, or anything else for that matter.
(You do realize that if falsely accused of sexual assault or rape, your life is pretty much over, and not worth living any longer.)
The key here is actually finding out whether or not the accusations are true. Personally, they seem a little fishy because they've been hiding all these years, and then came out of the woodwork all of a sudden. But if they're true, then shame on Trump!

As to killing Hillary - I personally don't have any desire for such actions, though I will say that I wouldn't be surprised if that happens, as I've seen how angry and polarized people are about this election. I wouldn't be surprised either if someone kills Trump. It's just that crazy out there right now ...
(Maybe it has always been that way, I dunno ... I'm a young white male, so my ideas automatically don't count, right? XD)

Because the polarization is quite profound this election, I do wonder whether it reflects on the well being and/or state of mind of the nation. Perhaps people are feeling stressed out, thus are more likely to be arrogant and vile when defending their ideologies. (I know this is a possibility, because that same exact thing happens to me when I'm stressed, LOL...)
Another interesting thing is that this polarization is possibly tied in with having the two candidates belonging to different genders. This seems to have a commonality with a lot of recent uprisings, like feminism (male and female sexism stuff, the so-called "wage gap," etc...) and racism (the so called "white-privilege," police "brutality" and the like).

I feel there is a LOT at stake in this election, and I feel as though most voters could agree, regardless of which side they take.