Thursday, October 09, 2014

Another week, another conference

Later today I am flying to Boston to participate in a Boston College Law School - Tax Analysts conference (to be held tomorrow) on reforming entity taxation.  I will present a short (about 9,000 words) paper entitled "Not So Fast?  Evaluating the Case for 1986-Style Corporate Tax Reform," in which I argue that, essentially because the corporate tax is such a multifaceted mess, it's not incredibly clear how much we would improve things via the apparent consensus package in which the corporate rate would be lowered, and the revenue cost offset through income tax-style base-broadening, without significant broader tax reform.

I have slides for the talk that I will probably post early next week.  My article, along with all the rest for the conference, should be appearing in Tax Notes, perhaps some time in November.  I will also post the article on SSRN pre-publication, absent any objection from the conference organizers and Tax Analysts folks.

Next week I go to the University of Virginia Law School to present my paper (coauthored with Joe Bankman) responding to Piketty.  I'll post the slides afterwards - they and my remarks are different than those for the conference we just had at NYU Law School, although the paper is the same.

I'll also be presenting the Piketty paper in Vancouver at the end of October and again at USC in late November, and my paper on behavioral economics and retirement saving at the National Tax Association conference in Santa Fe in mid-November.

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