Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Odds and ends

Today I head to Charlottesville, in order to present (tomorrow) the article on Piketty's Capital in the 21st Century that I recently coauthored with Joe Bankman, at the U Va Law School's law and economics seminar.  Joe and l will probably post the article on SSRN soon.  Later this week, when I'm back in NYC, I'll post my slides for the talk.

Bill Gates - yes, him - has posted a short piece responding to Piketty that, whether one agrees with it or not, is actually interesting and worth reading.  I may respond to it briefly on this blog when I get the chance.

Also,. Tax Notes published a short piece on Monday describing the conference at Boston College that I attended, addressing tax reform and entity taxation.  The piece's title, "Academics Dismiss Corporate Tax Reform Consensus as Superficial," accurately conveys not the point of view in my paper but what appeared to me to be a broader consensus in the room.  More on that to come, shortly as well.

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