Wednesday, April 06, 2016

Spring concert tour

Unlike the Rolling Stones, I have not as yet been invited to perform (or, as we say in my biz, to present) in Cuba.  Now, they admittedly have better stagecraft than I do (even if their act has become a bit stale, predictable, and inadvertently self-parodying).  But, then again, I feel I've done better work than they have since Some Girls came out in 1978.  (OK, there's still a bit of resonant aftershock on Emotional Rescue and Tattoo You, but that's still going back 35+ years.)

My own spring concert tour schedule is taking form, however.  Current entries are as follows:

1) On Thursday, April 14, from 2:30 to 4 pm, I'll be on a panel on international taxation at the 2016 Spring Meeting of the ABA Section of International Law.  This meeting is being held at the Grand Hyatt New York from April 12-16.

2) On Tuesday, April 19, sometime during the early afternoon (in between the AM and PM sessions of my Tax Policy Colloquium on that day), I'll be participating in a debate on corporate and international tax policy at the 16th Annual NYU/KPMG Tax Lecture, taking place at NYU Law School.  This year's theme for the day's proceedings is "Navigating the Global Tax Climate Change."

3) On Thursday, May 12, I'll be the luncheon speaker at the National Tax Association's 46th Annual Spring Symposium, meeting in Washington, D.C., at the Holiday Inn Capitol.  I'll be discussing U.S. international tax policy, and I will try to offer fresh thoughts that are suitably pitched for the sophistication of my audience.

4) On Wednesday, June 1, in Amsterdam, I'll be speaking on a panel at a one-day conference entitled "Anti-BEPS implementation in the EU - the Anti-Tax Avoidance Directive: the Major Implications for the Tax (Planning) Landscape in the EU."  The conference is co-sponsored by the Amsterdam Centre for Tax Law and NYU Law School.  It's one of 4 conferences to be held over a period of a year or so.  The other three will be at NYU, in Beijing, and in Sao Paulo.  I may also speak at one or both of the latter two conferences.  My topic will be the U.S. response to OECD-BEPS and to the EU state aid cases.

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