Monday, October 24, 2005

A great mind at work

Herewith Tax Reform Commissioner Connie Mack talking to the New York Times. Thank goodness my children, aged 9 and 12, are considerably more mature and wise than he is.

NY Times: Well, the U.S. government has to get money from somewhere. As a two-term former Republican senator from Florida, where do you suggest we get money from?

Mack: What money?

NY Times: The money to run this country.

Mack: We'll borrow it.

NY Times: I never understand where all this money comes from. When the president says we need another $200 billion for Katrina repairs, does he just go and borrow it from the Saudis?

Mack: In a sense, we do. Maybe the Chinese.

NY Times: Is that fair to our children? If we keep borrowing at this level, won't the Arabs or the Chinese eventually own this country?

Mack: I am not worried about that.


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