Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Their master's voice

The papers today have articles describing the Administration's new talking points in its war-room directed campaign against Fitzgerald (mere technicality, rogue prosecutor, not prosecuting the original crime, etc.). And sure enough, right on cue, John Tierney and Nicholas Kristof (who ought to know better) have op-eds in the Times today giving what is exactly the Administration line, with the ingenuous air of something they have thought of themselves.

Were they too busy to write their own columns today?

By the way, it's kind of easier to indict people under one's initial prosecutorial charter if they don't lie about it and cover up. If they do, should one simply fold up shop and go home?

UPDATE: My apologies to Kristof for under-estimating the hard work that he personally did in writing the column. William Kristol in the Weekly Standard, in executing the same set of talking points as Kristof, refers to "clear-cut" perjury rather than to "flat-out" perjury. Wow - that's even more different than their last names are.

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