Monday, May 12, 2014

Martin Sullivan of Tax Notes reviews my international tax book

Today in Tax Notes, Martin Sullivan was kind enough to review Fixing U.S. International Taxation.  I am pretty sure that you can read the entire review here, unless you need to be a Tax Notes subscriber.

You can see Taxprof Blog's quick summary here, including the first three and last two paragraphs of Sullivan's review.  The last two go something like this:

"In a mere 200 pages, Shaviro provides his readers with an invaluable guide through the economic and legal ideas that have framed the debate on international taxation for the last 50 years. But the literature review is ancillary. The true value comes from Shaviro's proposals and ideas. The subject matter is unavoidably complex, but he strives to boil down the material to the stuff that helps us achieve the task assigned in the title of the book. His explanations are clearly developed and rational so that readers with only a minimal background in international tax can follow even the most difficult issues. Unlike so much that is written on international tax, there is no ostensible pro- or anti-business slant and no political bias.
"Stylistically, Shaviro writes in plain language that suggests all the highfalutin talk about international tax policy may just all boil down to common sense. On top of all its other virtues, Shaviro's book is timely: If lawmakers follow through on the ideas floated by Camp and Baucus, we may be experiencing the largest changes in U.S. international taxation since the inception of the income tax. If you are striving for a true understanding of the issues involved in this historic transformation, you are lucky Shaviro wrote this book when he did."

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