Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Pending publications

The June 9 edition of International Tax Notes will be publishing the text of my recent lecture at Luxembourg University, entitled "Capital Levies: A Solution to the Sovereign Debt Problem?," in its "Current and Quotable" section.

In addition, Jotwell should, within a couple of weeks, be publishing a short teaser that I've written on the subject of Thomas Piketty's "Capital in the Twenty-First Century."  I call it a "teaser" because I'll be working on a much more substantial piece on this topic over the summer.

These are both micro-pieces - about 4,400 words for the capital levy talk and 1,200 for the Jotwell bit.  More in due course on the larger-scale pieces that I will be writing this summer and in the fall (when I am on sabbatical but will mainly be in residence at NYU).

UPDATE: It turns out that my capital levies piece will appear in International Tax Notes on June 16, not June 9.

Also, a Kindle version of Fixing U.S. International Taxation should be up in Amazon within the next day.  I'll feature this exciting (?) fact in a new blog post shortly.

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