Saturday, June 04, 2016

Back from Amsterdam

Got back mid-day today after a week in Amsterdam, including one day at the NYU-Amsterdam Center for Tax Law Conference on EU anti-profit-shifting efforts, including those in OECD-BEPS.

My talk, "The U.S. Response to OECD-BEPS and the EU State Aid Cases," looked at both the U.S. climate of discussion regarding these two initiatives, and at what one might guess U.S. policymakers might do in 2017 and thereafter.  This naturally required looking briefly at U.S. politics, e.g., at what a Clinton or Trump White House might be expected to do.  The latter topic, naturally, is one of particular interest to non-U.S. audiences.

I'll post my talk here and/or on SSRN (I believe it's a hair north of 2,000 words) early next week, although I don't anticipate submitting it for formal publication anywhere.

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