Monday, June 20, 2016

Short publication

As promised or threatened, Tax Notes has indeed today published the lunch remarks I gave at the National Tax Association Spring Symposium on May 12. The cite is Shaviro, 10 Observations Concerning International Tax Policy, 151 Tax Notes 1705-1710 (June 20, 2016).

Perhaps because it's in their "Current and Quotable" section, it doesn't appear to be in today's online version of Tax Notes for subscribers.  (Nor is John Samuels' "The Joint Committee Staff - From the Outside Looking In," also in "Current and Quotable.")  But I'm permitted to post it on SSRN two weeks after its appearance in Tax Notes, and thus I will do so in early July.

UPDATE: The talk is available here, but probably requires a Tax Notes subscription to access.

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