Tuesday, June 21, 2016

I guess he really is desperate

Today I got a fundraising email from one Donald J. Trump,who says:

"This is the first fundraising email I have ever sent on behalf of my campaign.  That's right.  THE FIRST ONE.

"And I'm going to help make it the most successful first introductory fundraising email in modern political history by personally matching every dollar that comes in WITHIN THE NEXT 48 HOURS, up to $2 million!"

While matching donations is a well-known fund-raising gambit, it's a bit of an odd twist that the donations he says he'll be matching would be to himself.

Are we to assume that Trump WON'T give himself the full $2 million if the targets don't pony up enough?

But on the other hand, should we assume that he WILL have sufficient funds to give himself the full $2 million even if they do?

UPDATE: Talking Points Memo, which has reproduced the email on-line, points out that it doesn't definitively say whether Trump's $2 million match will be a true contribution or a loan.

The fact that the Trump campaign owes Trump $50 million for past loans, and has been paying 20% of its outlays to Trump organizations, is not exactly catnip to the prospective donor.

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