Thursday, June 30, 2016

From the annals of Trump University

For the last week or so, I've been getting daily (or more) blast emails from the Trump campaign, even though I'm not a member of a foreign parliament.  Today's was the strangest yet - it verges on being threatening, starting with its title line: "Fwd: Mr. Trump is reviewing our records." The body of the email then goes like this:
Time is running short Friend, so I'll get right to the point.
Earlier today, Mr. Trump sent you a message regarding the urgent need to get you on board with the campaign at this critical time (if you missed it, you can read it below).

Mr. Trump pays close attention to campaign data and he's looking for at least 2,300 additional donors before Midnight. 

Friend, reviewing our records I noticed you haven't responded yet

Can you chip in just $3 to help us meet this goal before MIDNIGHT TONIGHT? 

I know you don't want to see Hillary Clinton elected to the White House. She won't just carry on Barack Obama's radical agenda if elected – she'll be even worse

As Mr. Trump has said, she's a disaster . . . and the American people have already suffered long enough under the inept and corrupt career politicians. 

So please, join us and stand with Mr. Trump today with a $3 contribution

Every additional donor tonight will make a difference in our fight to Make America Great Again. 

Thank you.


Brad Parscale
Digital Director, Trump for President
This verges on saying: We're personally checking on  you - indeed, "Mr. Trump" might be doing so - and you'd best get with the program.

Plus, I like the classic "midnight deadline" pressure sales tactic (albeit, related to the FEC filing deadline for the next report).

Earlier emails said that Trump would match each contribution up to $2M total.  But, while matching donations is an old fundraising technique, as applied to self-donations it's a bit odd.  What's the threat - not to give himself as much money?

Also, given the apparent untruth (at least so far) of the Trump campaign's statement the other day that they had already filed an FEC document forgiving his loans to the campaign, it's possible that the actual plan here is an anti-match - use of any funds that he receives during this period to pay down those loans.

UPDATE: There's an old saying that honey catches more flies  than vinegar.  Perhaps for that reason, the latest Trump fundraising email to come across my transom offers me a free hat ("Make America great again,: of course) if I contribute enough.

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