Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Title troubles

I am trying to finish a book manuscript, in time for it to come out by the election season next year, but the question is what to call it.

My working title from the start has been "The Use and Abuse of Fiscal Language." But people whose interest in the matter matches mine, and who know more about the publishing biz than I do, suggest that this will mis-label or fail to describe the book, to its commercial and attentional detriment. So right now the best we have is "Fiscal Language and the U.S. Government's March Toward Bankruptcy."

Part of me says, who cares what it's called, I'd be willing to call it "Banana" if that were best for getting readers and attention to what it says. But I prefer my original title aesthetically, and who knows, maybe aesthetics can even be good for sales.

Perhaps the thing to do is come up with something better than either.


Anonymous said...

Title: The Manipulative Use of Fiscal Language
Subtitle: Enabling America's Future Insolvency

Anonymous said...

Marching Toward Bankruptcy: How the US government abuses fiscal language to avoid fiscal responsibility

Anonymous said...

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