Friday, March 15, 2024

Is this my big chance?

 Presented without comment, part of a spam email that I got today, pertaining to a (co-authored) casebook for introductory federal income tax classes:

Dear Daniel,
I trust this email finds you in good health and high spirits.
We are delighted to reach out to you regarding your book, "Federal Income Taxation" which was submitted to us through your literary agent. After a meticulous evaluation, we are thrilled to inform you that your book has been selected as one of the exclusive Content Titles for adaptation into a film. We have entered into a collaboration with Netflix, and we are honored to extend to you a contract, offering to acquire the film rights as one of our distinguished Pioneering Projects.
Our accomplished team has already allocated the estimated budget for the film's production, and we have assembled a skilled production team to bring your vision to life. Prior to commencing the project, Focus Features will have an exclusive contract with you as the author. It is crucial to maintain strict confidentiality regarding all project-related information, and we shall include a comprehensive non-disclosure clause within the contract. The film's release date will be announced by the production company in due course.
As the authorized representative of the rights holder, and with Focus Features as the acquiring entity, you will be responsible for processing all necessary licenses, permits, registrations, and document signings exclusively with us to facilitate the transfer. We will furnish you with a separate contract between yourself and Focus Features , and we will promptly forward the film agreement documentation for your review and confirmation.
To proceed with the project, we kindly request the following materials:
Treatment: A concise synopsis of the film that effectively conveys the essential scenes, themes, and desired tone.
Screenplay: A written work capturing the film's essence, describing the characters' movements, actions, and engaging dialogue.
Film Pitch Deck: The essential components of a film pitch deck include a detailed storyboard for the film, a summary of the plot, character bios, and key scenes.