Monday, December 18, 2023

2024 NYU Tax Policy Colloquium

In a prior post, I had mentioned that the 2024 NYU Tax Policy Colloquium might need to shift to a new time, due to changes in the law school's scheduling blocks to accommodate multiple objectives. It now turns out that there will be less change than I had been thinking might be necessary.

We will still be meeting on Tuesdays (in fall 2024), and the start time has been moved slightly earlier, to 4:15 pm (ending at 6:15 pm, and followed by a small group dinner. There is a small chance that it will end up being moved earlier still, to a 4 pm start time.

We'll also be meeting in a new (for us) room, a bit out of the way in Furman Hall (across the street from the main law school building where we have always met in recent years), but in a true seminar room rather than a cavernous lecture theater.