Monday, March 14, 2005

At least (for a change) they aren't being actively harmful

Astonishingly - mirabile dictu - George Will has a good column today, laughing at the Congressional jackasses who have decided to hold hearings about the baseball steroids controversy.
The hearing is being held by the House's Government Reform Committee, formerly known as the Government Operations Committee. The rationale, apparently, is that it is about Educating America's Children, which apparently is a sub-category of government reform and operations. "Philip Schiliro, chief of staff for the committee's Democrats, says: 'If Sammy Sosa hit 60 home runs three times without being on steroids, kids should know that. That's a great message for kids.'" So there you have it, I guess.
Not to make light of the steroids issue, though I see it mainly as an issue of players cheating against other players and only secondarily as detrimental to fans, but I have also been amused by the Congressional blowhards who have been telling baseball that "if you don't clean it up, we will." And once they are done with that I suppose it will be time for them to tackle the Michael Jackson issue. But ethics rules for the House itself remain off-limits.


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