Thursday, July 14, 2005

Goofus and Gallant

Our own Goofus and Gallant are Buddy, the cat who escaped for 4 days recently and has been on house arrest (much to the backyard bluejays' relief) ever since, and Shadow, the 14-year old exemplar who makes me proud to be a fellow mammal.

Goofus repeatedly claws his owner's briefcase, leaving scratch marks all over it. Gallant always keeps his claws sheathed when on someone's lap.

Goofus chases other cats around the house, ignoring their signals when they don't want to play. Gallant lets other cats approach him peacefully when they want a sniff.

Goofus scratches when children play with him too roughly. Gallant meows when he wants to be let down.

Goofus struts around the house with his tail in an inverted U shape. Gallant holds his tail high in the classic friendly greeting style, or swishes it when there is something he wants.


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