Saturday, September 17, 2005

The plan

From Mark Schmitt:

"While we're all [anticipating] ... even more cronyism with Karl Rove in charge of the reconstruction effort, let's not lose sight of the real reason Rove is the right man for the job.

"Ask yourself, what do you think Rove is thinking about right now? My guess: The 2006 election, and specifically, how they can set up a situation in which Democrats vote against or seem to oppose some sort of Gulf Coast reconstruction package."

As I read about Bush's speech, I actually found it distressing, hardened though I am by now, to think that there probably wasn't even the slightest modicum of good faith in his talk about rebuilding the Gulf Coast. Couldn't he limit his cynicism to doing a good job there, even if he wouldn't have bothered to otherwise, just because it might be good for him politically? But doing things well to get the credit is not how these guys operate. In the aftermath of a horrific disaster with people suffering and needing help, it is acutely painful to realize this.

I am reminded of the right-wing traitors in France 1940 who preferred losing to the Nazis to letting the left have any chance of holding power in a flourishing independent France. No foreign power here, but the vicious psychology is the same.


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