Monday, November 28, 2005

Poor Saddam

I heard on the radio this morning that Saddam complained angrily when he arrived in court today because, with the elevators broken in the courthouse, he had to walk up several flights of stairs while handcuffed and carrying a cup of hot coffee. That's certainly pretty rich, coming from someone who treated prisoners as he did.

He surely must be the single best-treated prisoner the U.S. has abroad. Imagine what our other prisoners around the world would make of his complaint. They are probably a lot more likely to have their heads plunged in boiling fluids than to get anywhere near hot coffee in a cup.


Rachel said...

I saw a picture once of a lady - but you could not tell the sex- that Saddam and his army had used some sort of chemical warfare in a village/town- the lady's face was melted (that is the nicest word I could find). She had no nose, no eyes- nothing really left but a hole for a mouth- everything else looked like candle wax. How she remained alive, I don't know. I have no remorse what so ever for Saddam.

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