Thursday, October 12, 2006

Act now while supplies last

My book, Taxes, Spending, and the U.S. Government's March Towards Bankruptcy, is coming out at the end of next month (November 30 in-stock date). If I'm not mistaken, it has blurbs supplied by Bruce Bartlett, Richard Epstein, and Jason Furman. Here is the publisher's description:

What's in a word? Plenty, when it's a word such as “taxes,” “spending,” or “deficits” that pervades Washington political debate despite lacking coherent economic content. The United States is moving toward a possible catastrophic fiscal collapse. The country may not get there, but the risk is unmistakable and growing. The “fiscal language” of taxes, spending, and deficits has played a huge and underappreciated role in the decisions that have pushed the nation in this dangerous direction. This book proposes a better fiscal language for U.S. budgetary policy, rooted in economic fundamentals such as wealth distribution and resource allocation in lieu of “taxes” and “spending” and in the use of multiple measures (such as the fiscal gap and generational accounting) to replace misguided reliance on annual budget deficits.

Available for pre-order here from Amazon and here from Barnes & Noble.

At the moment, Barnes & Noble is offering a better paperback price.

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