Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Smart Cat; or, The Mystery of the Mangled Meat

The other day, I came down to make breakfast and found 2 chewed-up pieces of steak lying on the ground. These were leftovers from my kids' dinner the night before, and I was quite sure I had left them in the garbage can with the lid closed, but life is busy and you just go on.

I also knew the most likely culprit - Shadow, aka the Big Fella (an honorific title; he's only 10 pounds). Normally the best-behaved of beasts, he is a bit gaga when it comes to cooked meats. I figured that perhaps the lid of the garbage can hadn't been shut.

Tonight I was removing meat from its packaging, in the course of making something for dinner, and Shadow walked up to the garbage can, pushed the lid up, and shoved his head inside. Case closed, so far as the other night is concerned. Of course, before we laud his intellect too much for figuring out how to get into the trash, we should keep in mind that there was no meat in there yet, and that I was right next to him watching. So he can forget about future opportunities to extract meat from the garbage overnight.

Still, impressive in its own way.

Oh, yes. Shadow is toothless by this stage in his career (he is going on 16 years old). I'm not sure what good any of this did him anyway.

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Unknown said...

some great pictures can be seen here, i love to see them all Lost and found