Friday, April 13, 2007

Cheap publicity stunt

Get your TIVOs and DVD recorders primed and ready now, if not sooner. It turns out that the AEI conference on the alternative minimum tax, at which I will be appearing, is going to be televised on C-Span 3. That's Monday, April 16, at 9 am. I am the second speaker, after Len Burman, and should be on at around 9:20 or 9:30, complete with Power Point slides. My remarks will include some reasonably lively bits.

I also gather that Monday's Tax Notes Magazine will have an article by Lee Sheppard concerning the NYU panel on the AMT on which I spoke last Tuesday. Lee features a couple of things I said in the middle of the piece and at the end. Bad form to thank her, I suppose, but I like how her article comes out although we're not 100% in agreement. (Then again, maybe not far below 100%.)`

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dylan nelson said...

I am a long standing fan of your research. I am looking foward to seeing your panel discussion on the AMT. As this is unusual to say, I will for the first time ever set my Tivo to record CSPAN.
Dylan Nelson